Liquid Nutrients

Liquid nutrients are a quick way to nourish established plants and go to work almost immediately. This assures continued, superlative growth and quick recovery for those that are tired and under-nourished.

Our selection of liquid nutrients provides the right, well-balanced plant food — with important minerals, trace elements, enzymes and other important natural components — for your specific needs.

  • Unmatched purity – free of fertilizer, pesticides, and organic animal wastes
  • Contains 90 plus ancient trace mineral elements, in addition macro and micro nutrients
  • Specially formulated to grows bigger plants faster using 2/3 less nutrients
  • Produces uniform, professional results with unsurpassed quality
  • Self-adjusting PH and PH buffering designed to benefit plants during all cycles of growth

Powdered Nutrients

ULTRA PURE SUPERNATURAL BRAND powdered nutrients provide your plants with unsurpassed nutrition at 1/3 the strength of most liquid formulas. Powdered minerals & elements are most effective when mixed fresh. When dissolved in water, there is no sediment. You can see the purity for yourself.

CLEAN EARTH ELEMENTS with no fillers, preservatives or waste products
Much more than your typical plant food company.