Pure Earth Elements


Performance meets versatility

PURE EARTH ELEMENTS UNIVERSAL GARDEN MIX is designed for the maximum production of clean, “Certified Pure” and high-quality plants of all types at all stages of growth. It is a uniquely processed 100% virgin mineral blend of pure earth source ingredients. It does not contain animal, cell culture, waste, or by product derived ingredients.


  • PURE EARTH ELEMENTS’s natural complexity virtually makes using off-the-shelf additives obsolete.
  • PURE EARTH ELEMENTS replicates natural layering when watered, promoting a superior root system.
  • Outstanding moisture retention and drainage.
  • Easy-to-use dust free flowable mix is lightweight and pours easily.
  • Economical-reuse it over and over for production crops.

Size: 35 L

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Additional information

Weight 10.8 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 30 × 27 in