Super Boost® 11-49-9


Accelerate your start and finish.

SUPERNATURAL BRAND SUPER BOOST Is Used To Promote Rooting, Early Flowering, Late Flowering & Ripening In TERRAPONICS, Soil & Soil Less Mixes.

Used to promote rooting, early flowering, late flowering and ripening, Super Boost uses high quality ingredients critical to plants in these stages of the growth cycle.

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1. Fill your mixing container with 1 GAL (4 L) of water.
2. For the rooting stage, mix ¼ TSP (1.2 ml) of Super Boost® per 1 GAL (4 L) of water. For the ripening stage, mix 1 TSP (5 ml) per 1 GAL (4 L) of water. Stir thoroughly until powder has dissolved completely. Adjust nutrient strength according to the growth rate and size of plant (in environments above 85°F (29°C) use only ½ TSP (2.5 ml) per 1 GAL (4 L) of water).
3. Top feed or flood once a day, drip feed twice a day. Keep the growth medium moist.

Flush with water once every 7th day for the duration of the 2 week feeding program. At the end of the 2 week feeding program, flush with Super Leach®.

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